4-H Record Book Forms

Why complete 4-H record books?

There are many great reasons to complete a record book. 4-H teaches lifelong skills and record-keeping is one of them. The record book is the process used to teach this skill. The record book is also a permanent record of your 4-H experience and can be used in the future as you complete applications for jobs, scholarships, college, 4-H interviews, and much more. All the information you need will be in one place!

The record book is an opportunity for you to reflect on the learning you did in your projects. You will be able to look back on your accomplishments or make plans for doing something differently in the future. You also get a chance to improve your communication skills. Using correct grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, and written language as a form of expression are all skills you need in order to be successful in life. All members are expected to complete a record book as a requirement for receiving end of the year awards to be given at Recognition Event.

Complete Book

The complete PDF Hand County 4-H Record Book in PDF form.

Annual Report

Member's Annual Report form; filled out new every 4-H year.

Project/Program Report

Show project growth from year to year.

Livestock Financial Form

All livestock projects need to fill our a financial form each year.

Members complete record books

You must do your record book yourself. The activity of completing the record book is a process that benefits you. Your parent’s role should be that of providing guidance during the process. Even though a parent may feel they themselves can do a nicer job on the book, please refrain from doing so.

What’s included in a record book?

  • Record Book Cover

  • 4-H Members Annual Report & Exhibit Record

  • Forms downloadable HERE or available from the Extension office.

  • 4-H Members Accumulative Records/Shooting Sports Record

  • 4-H Story

  • Photos

  • Newspaper Clippings

  • Records from previous years. Assemble your record book in this order: place current years information in the front of your book on top of the previous year’s information. 

  • Support materials. Behind the record forms & story, place any pictures, clippings, or other material that shows more about or supports your project work.

Certain things should not be included in your book – Ribbons, project tags, handbooks, registration papers, reference papers and other scrapbook type items should not be included in your book. Your record book is meant to be a simple book containing Records and Support Material for your yearly project work. Remember it is a “Record Book” not a Scrapbook